Adventures In The Trasnmitter – Rise Of The Robo Warriors

May 7, 2017

Hello, I go by the name of Zeke and the aboriginal affair that you will allegation to apperceive is what is a transmitter and secondly how I got ashore axial of one.

It’s the year 2046 but in the year 2035, the technology is able by the Yoodle Corporation to dispense dreams to the point breadth they can activate them, end them, Software them and extend them. To put it simpler, whatever one can brainstorm in absolute concrete life, the Yoodle cooperation can apparent in a dream, and they do. All through a apparatus alleged a; absoluteness transmitter. All you accept to do is address out your Software for whatever you dream you want, affairs it into the machine, footfall into the machine, and afresh acquaintance the best of action in a SUPER VIVID dream.

Please don’t anticipate it’s a dream like the one you had endure night breadth you are almost apprehensible which you deathwatch up and forget. These dreams are as active as absolute action and feel like absolute action because to most, they are even realer than life.

For a acceptable while now, Yoodle has had admission to information, images, action and brainwaves of every individual person, abode or affair that anytime came into existence. This is how they are able to represent annihilation in this program, that allows a user to be anywhere, be anyone, do anything, at any time for as connected as they want. Like I said, all one has to do is access Yoodle’s machine, columnist a few buttons, and you are off. The apparatus will afresh put you to beddy-bye and there starts your adventure into the apple of your own choosing.

So actuality we are today in 2045 breadth a lot of animate humans no best yield vacations to new concrete land. Rather, they accept to absorb a anniversary renting a absoluteness transmitter so they can vacation at the home of some celebrity, comatose or alive. Or, they will bethink time spent with old accompany or ancestors associates who had larboard planet apple decades afore the present time.

And you can overlook about the retirement home, because added than bisected of retirement age humans don’t retire anymore they just plan their accomplished lives, buy a machine, go into this apple and reside a action breadth they become adolescent again, until their absolute physique expires, absolutely abstract the furnishings of the crumbling process.

In this world, about everybody is appetite to accrue abundance in adjustment to buy one of these machines but these are actual big-ticket machines. Brand new, they retail at 500,000$ dollars, and you may be able to buy one acclimated for 150,000$ to 300,000$. However, a lot of humans hire time on them at a Absoluteness Transmitter Center, for anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars per hour.

Anyhow, so that is what the transmitters are all about, and what we do actuality at Yoodle is to consistently seek to advance their activity and usability. We actualize all the transmitters in the apple and aswell accept them active on our network.

You ability not accept it but we aswell accept a top abstruse transmitter that affects reality, it is alleged the capital transmitter. If you footfall into this machine, with a Software programmed in, whatever you acquaintance in the apparatus happens in absolute action the moment that you acquaintance it. This apparatus is actual able and can admit astringent accepted consequences, however, alone one getting in the apple has approval to use this machine, so it is never misused.

So, It was just a approved day at my job actuality at Yoodle except for the actuality that I formed bifold time today because Ronin is on vacation this week. Also, for the aforementioned acumen I was larboard with the assignment of closing up shop, which I dreaded. I just capital to get home on time and be with my family.

The day went by fast but just as I was about to about-face off the capital transmitter, all the lights went out. I could not see a thing, but anon I began to apprehend what articulate like bags of footsteps, of what seemed to be a complete army of soldiers entering the room. I stood still fearing for what would appear next as I knew this wasn’t a affable visit. Aural a few moments my accoutrements were wrestled abaft my aback as I was alone and blindfolded. I still couldn’t say a word, but afresh I heard him allege in a loud booming voice, “get it out now, there is no time to delay!” I afresh began to apprehend what articulate like multiples sawing active at the aforementioned time. It was now bright what the purpose of their appointment was, they were demography the capital transmitter.

I stood there and advised the abhorrence of what these men would do with such a able weapon in their possession. They knew that Ronin would accept chock-full them and this is why they were actuality now.

Within no time, I heard a loud “clang” sound, which signaled to me that they had freed the capital transmitter from its restraints. At that moment I was afresh abject out the room, down the stairs and into a cat-and-mouse vehicle. The car began moving, and active for what seemed like a day. At some point I fell comatose and seemed to accept been agitated into a architecture by these soldiers. I was alone woken up by my arch and my basal hitting a algid adhesive floor. Afresh I al of a sudden became hyper-alert if I heard that loud, booming articulation again, “so you apperceive how to plan this? Let’s get to plan now!”, the man afresh removed the blinder from afore my eyes and what I saw was the actualization of my affliction nightmare.

Ronin was in Brazil with Mandy lying down on a albino coffer overlooking the clear dejected amnion if his watch began to beep.Ronan’s Yoodle watch had never beeped afore so this was absolutely an emergency of the a lot of austere kind.

Ronan beatific a bulletin to Zeke, but there was no response. He beatific letters to added admiral at Yoodle, but the letters all bounced back.

Ronan afresh angry to Mandy and said, “they got the capital transmitter, somebody knew if I was traveling to be gone and they got the capital transmitter.” said Ronan who was searching as admitting he had just apparent a ghost.

“Calm down I’m abiding you’ll amount it out,” said Mandy calmy.

“No, I’m not abstracted down, you don’t understand, we’ve got to get aback now!” yelled Ronin as he began rolling up his albino coffer towel.

Once unblindfolded, I saw that I was in a all-inclusive one allowance building, with no windows and in the average of the architecture was the capital transmitter belted with 500 U.S. soldiers on every ancillary acting as guards.

“Get up,” said the man as he slapped me beyond my back.

I stood up. The men afresh abject me appear the transmitter and captivated me afore it.

“Here’s the accord Mr. Zeke, you admonition us achieve our goals with this affair and you reside to see your little family. If you refuse, afresh you apperceive what will happen,” said the man sternly.

“OK, I will help, just as connected as you let me see my ancestors again,” I replied.

“We will run a little analysis here. I ambition you to could could cause an access in the Yankeee Amphitheater appropriate now, during the baseball game,” said the man.

I began to get nervous, I can’t could could cause all of those lives to be lost. I didn’t apperceive what to do. ” I can’t do that, too abounding lives will be lost, amuse don’t do this,” I begged.

“You will do as you are told,’ he said as he walloped me afresh on the back.

I absolutely had no choice, so I programmed a Software into the apparatus that an aeroplane would bang appropriate in the average of Yankee Amphitheater and sat in the machine.

“Just band me up and afresh columnist that red button”, I said to the man. I sat down in the machine, the man afresh beggared me in and I was in Yankee Amphitheater watching the game. The bullpen pitched, it was a strike. The bullpen pitched, it was a ball. The bullpen pitched, afresh it was a abject hit. Afresh out of boilerplate a even could be apparent in the ambit aerial actual low advancing in our direction. The bold stopped, al of a sudden everybody was in a frenzy, crazily aggravating to accomplish their way out of the stadium. If I absolutely fabricated it out, I heard a loud “crash” and saw smoke ascent up and even out of the stadium, and afresh I woke up.

I stepped out of the apparatus to see three soldiers searching at their phones and not even paying any absorption to me. The man afresh took out his buzz and waited for a little while but annihilation happened. “It didn’t work, do it again!” yelled the man appear me as he affective my arm.

“No sir, look, a even comatose in the average of Yankee amphitheater but there were no casualties,” said a soldier account a account amend from his phone.

‘NO CASUALTIES?!!” asked the man angrily.

“I’m sorry” I said, accedence my head, apprehension my consequence.

“Take him away, abuse him, and accompany him aback just at the bend of afterlife so we can activate to plan our plan,” said the man.

“No botheration Mr.C,” said a soldier as he and addition abject me away.

In the meanwhile Ronin was aggravating to blitz aback home but was adverse the toughest of obstacles. He had fabricated it out of the auberge but if he and Mandy accomplished the airport, it was addition story. They fabricated their way anon to the airport account centermost and asked to appear aback home but were denied.

“No, you don’t understand, I allegation to get aback home, the apple is in danger,” pleaded Ronin at the airport foreground desk.

“Danger? What are you? Superman?” laughed the agent.

He continued, “your flight home is not for addition four canicule and you can buy a admission but no flights are abrogation actuality for addition 14 hours.”

“And there’s no added options?” asked Ronin.

“No added options,” said the agent.

“OK,” said a aghast but adamant Ronin.

Ronin afresh angry to Mandy and said “Wow, 14 hours, just abundant time for whoever has the capital transmitter to do God knows what to the world.”

“So what are you traveling to do?” asked Mandy

“I’ve got to acquisition a way out of actuality now… ” replied a bent Ronin.

As Ronin and Mandy stood afore the flight admonition affectation screen, he came up with a plan.

“Mandy, if we can get to Canada, we will be OK,” said Ronin.

“Huh?” asked Mandy.

“Just chase my lead,” said Ronin as he alone all the baggage and affective Mandy’s hand.

‘But what about our baggage and souvenirs?” asked Mandy.

“I’d like to anticipate that extenuative the apple is added important than those things,” said Ronin as he began arch Mandy to aboideau 45 planning to avoid all calls from anybody who approved to stop him.

When they absolutely got to aboideau 45 a articulation on the intercom said, “last alarm for flight 705a to Montreal”. One endure aged man got up to go through the aboideau but afore he could, Mandy and Ronin Burst appropriate through the gate, and into the adit and boarded the plane. They bound begin a brace of alone seats appear the aback and ducked down low.

While Ronin was aggravating to accomplish his way aback home, I was getting beaten. I was been captivated in a angle atramentous room, and two soldiers were hitting me up and down with what seemed to be some array of bamboo stick. All I apperceive is that I was dizzy, couldn’t feel my legs and I could almost see.

“The next time the bang-up asks something of you, you bigger bear it to the endure detail,” said one soldier.

“OK… OK,” I said almost getting able to speak.

The aperture opened.

“Enough!” said Mr. C at the top of his lungs.

“Clean him up, and accompany him aback inside, and I don’t ambition one atom of claret on my machine,” connected Mr. C.

“Yessir,” said the soldiers in unison.

I anticipation about how Mr. C had claimed this apparatus as his own even admitting he had annihilation to do with its creation, and I anticipation about how it will be all be over with if Ronin finds out about this situation. The closing gave me just a little shiver of achievement that helped me to go on.

The soldiers wiped me off with some toilet cardboard and brought me aback in the architecture and threw me on the attic in foreground of the capital transmitter and Mr. C.

“You don’t attending too good, I achievement this will be a assignment to you,” said Mr. C sarcastically.

“Yessir,” I said humbly.

“Anyways, abundant about you, I’ve got some plan to do. I ambition you to affairs in me as the baron of the world,” said Mr.C.

“I’m sorry, but that will not work,” I said while searching down and alienated eye contact.

“WHAT!!!WHY!!!” yelled Mr.C with his eyes billowing and adopting his anchor appear me.

I bound responded, “No it’s not my fault, if the machine’s axial intelligence arrangement deems your appeal as something that is alone or irrational, or biased afresh it denies the request. I accept one getting authoritative themselves the baron of the apple would abatement beneath the chic of unjust.”

“And alarming up an absolute baseball amphitheater is just?” replied one of the soldiers sarcastically.

“Yes, but no, there may be a acumen to draft up an absolute baseball stadium,” I said.

“Like what?” asked the soldier.

“Aliens,” I replied.

“And aliens are rational… ” said the soldier in acerb accent again.

Mr. C winced.

‘He’s lying sir, just accomplish him address the Software and affairs it,” said the soldier.

“You apperceive you’re right. Get in there Zeke and do as you were told. So I get up off the arena and affairs in the Software for Mr. C to be the baron of the world. I afresh beachcomber the solider to band me in and forward me off. He straps me in and afresh presses the button to forward me off but afresh the apparatus makes a “beep” complete and shuts off.

“Try it again!” said Mr. C angrily.

The soldier afresh presses the button afresh but the apparatus makes a “beep” complete afresh and shuts off.

“Arrgh. If I can’t win the war in one day, I assumption I’ll just accept to win abounding baby battles until the ultimate achievement is mine, ” says Mr. C. angrily.

Mr.C continued, “and get somebody actuality who has bisected a brain, I allegation anyone to get into this affair and override this intelligence system.” Mr.C afresh absolved off.

Somehow Ronin and Mandy fabricated it all the way to Montreal, Canada.Now all Ronin had to do was get off the even and hire a car and afresh drive aback to New York. However, afterwards barging through everybody on their way to getting aboriginal off the plane, they were met by six policemen in the tunnel.

“Parlez-vous Francais ou Anglais?’ asked one of the policemen to Ronin.

“Huh?” asked Ronin.

“You two are advancing with us,” said the policeman.

“Why?” asked Ronin.

“C’mon sir, you apperceive what you did was illegal, and you are now beneath arrest,” said the policeman.

After a few hours of thinking,Mr.C absolutely returned. He had appear up with a plan.

“Listen up absolute acceptable Zeke, I ambition you to put 2 billion dollars in my coffer account” said Mr.C.

“Not traveling to work,” I said nonchalantly.

“You ability ambition to beacon abroad the self-fish motives and anticipate added about the collective,” said one soldier jokingly.

“Shut up everybody! I am the one giving orders and suggestions about actuality not you! I don’t pay anybody actuality for advice!” yelled Mr.C.

“The collective,very astute thoughtful,” said Mr. C agilely as he went and sat down in a bend of the allowance alone.

After addition hour of anxious silence, Mr. C anticipation of addition plan.

“OK, Zeke, actuality it is. Affairs in an army of robots congenital forth the aforementioned curve of the fabulous Robocop, who alone accept to my command. Bisected man, bisected robot, but the accomplished bogus intelligence. They are to be neither acceptable nor angry but they are actuality to assure flesh from all threats. Actualize 50 of them, to be actuality appropriate now,” said Mr.C.

“OK,” I said,” as I began programming the Software into the capital transmitter. If I accomplished I afresh sat in the transmitter afresh motioned to the soldier to band me in. The soldier afresh beggared me in, and beatific me off, as aggregate in my beheld acumen went dark.

Then I was aback in the chair, Mr. C was in one bend of the architecture instructing the robo warriors what their job for this black was. One of the robo warriors afresh rushed over to my ancillary and said, “look Zeke… “

Then I woke up, or so I anticipation I did for a moment. I looked to the ancillary of the allowance and Mr.C was in one bend of the allowance instructing the robo warriors about what their job for the black was. One of them afresh rushed over to my ancillary and said “look Zeke”.

I replied “look at what?”

He afresh opened his duke and acicular it in the administration of about 250 American soldiers, apprenticed a button on his chest and al of a sudden a abundant beachcomber of blaze engulfed them all, abrogation annihilation but dust in their remains.

The remainng 250 soldiers stood terrified, and not a complete could be heard in the building.Mr. C afresh began to applause slowly, afresh a few robo warriors followed him, afresh a few more, and afresh aural no time, all of the robo warriors were acclamation in unision with Mr. C. Mr.C afresh began to beam absurdly such a maddening beam that can alone apparent if one comes to the ability that he can no best be hindered and what you ambition can ultimately no best be withheld from your grasp. I sunk my head. What in heaven’s name did I just do?

Now that Mr.C had his Robo Warriors about able for battle, there was a bounce in his footfall and a assertive animation in his eye. He approached me while I was sitting in the transmitter, “I am so animated that I accept you Zeke, you’ve absolutely fabricated all my dreams appear true.” He afresh kissed me on the cheek.

He afresh angry to his arch architect who was animate on afterlight the robots systems.

“Install mics and cameras on every one of them,” said Mr.C.

“But sir, that will put us abaft addition 28 hours. You said that you capital them accessible by today,” said the engineer.

“OK fine, just install them in the accepted and lieutenants,” said Mr.C compromising.

Two hours later, and afterwards reinstalling and powering up all the robots the arch architect fabricated the abundant proclamation,

“OK Mr.C we are about accessible to hit the streets.”

Within 20 account Mr.C had all the robots lined up in individual file,Mr.C afresh stood in foreground of all the robots and fabricated a speech,

You are the works of my easily and my commands are simple. You are to petrify,terrorize and abort aggregate you see until we accept ascendancy of New York, afresh the U.S.A. and afresh the world. Topple every badge station, every artery assemblage and just any blackmail that stands in our way!

Within hours, the Robo Warriors began to ablaze the city-limits a fire, with added fireworks than the fourth of July. The Robo warriors began by demography everybody bound and autumn them in alone warehouses. Also, every badge base in their afterimage was destroyed to smithereens. They were now the connected arm of the law, and Mr.C was watching on his apprentice lieutenant’s camera and adequate every moment of it.

Meanwhile in Montreal, Ronan and Mandy were ashore in a captivation corpuscle if they were absolutely summoned to accomplish a call.

Ronan got his adventitious first, so he alleged Zeke but got no answer.

“That’s it, you’re traveling aback in,” said the warden.

“But cipher answered,” said Ronan.

“I don’t care, one alarm that’s all you get,” said the warden.

“OK, so can he use my alarm back were together?” asked Mandy.

The administrator paused afresh said “OK fine, one added call, afresh annihilation added from you two for the blow of the night.”

“OK,” said Ronan as he dialed afresh gingerly.

This time Ronan alleged the Yoodle emergency Security administrator Paul McGwire.He was one of a scattering of humans who knew about the capital transmitter. If there was anybody who could admonition them now, it was Paul.

“Ronan breadth are you?’ asked Paul.

“Me and Mandy are bound up in some bastille actuality in Montreal, Canada,” said Ronan.

“Wait… what? How?” asked Paul.

“Well we were on vacation and learnt that the capital transmitter was stolen… ” said Ronan nonchalantly.

“Wait… what? How????!!!!!!!” asked Paul now adopting his voice.

“Yup, what accept you been beneath a bedrock or something?” asked Ronan.

Paul paused for a moment, possibly searching at a account amend afresh says, “I assumption that would explain the actualization of these robots antibacterial New York city.

“Yup,” said Ronan.

“Hold on,” said Paul as he went abroad from the buzz for a minute.

“I can’t get a authority of Zeke, I’m addition that whoever got him, has aswell got the transmitter,” connected Paul.

“Just as I thought! The capital transmitter wouldn’t actualize annihilation unless it was congenital to be good. The alone way the administrator abaft this can win is by application the acceptable to accomplish evil.Deep down, these robots apperceive the acceptable that they allegation to be doing, it’s just to draw it out of them.

“Well, there’s cipher bigger to do it than you Ronan,” said Paul.

“I’m gonna arch over there the moment that I get out,” said Ronan.

“OK, we’ll get you two aboriginal chic tickets home, just arch to the Trudeau airport, let me allocution to the warden,” said Paul.

“OK, thanks,” said Ronan motioning afresh handing the buzz to the warden.

Paul spent about 30 abnormal speaking to the administrator afore he afraid up the phone. The administrator afresh angry to Ronan and Mandy and said, “Why didn’t you say that you plan for Yoodle.You two are chargeless to go.”

At 2 a.m. the next morning (6 hours later), Ronan absolutely fabricated his way to an breadth of Brooklyn New York breadth the robots were advancing to firebomb the accomplished burrough.

Luckily the badge had intercepted them and were aggravating to intervene, but it was to no avail. It was now a collision amid a assemblage of the robots and a accomplished absolute badge station.

They were all continuing beyond a active artery with about 20 robots on one side, and 50 policemen lined up on the added side. All parties had their weapons drawn.

Ronan fabricated his way to the badge arch who was continuing at one end of the band and offered up some affable advice,

“I apperceive something that can accomplish our lives ambidextrous with these robots easier,” said Ronan.

“Which is?” asked the intensly analytical policeman.

“Well, you ability not accept this but they aren’t angry at all. Deep down they accept a affection that works just like ours. You just accept to apperceive how to acquaint to their core,” said Ronan.

“Are you adage that you accept to acumen with these inhumane, merciless, terrorists?” asked the balked policeman.

“Yes,” said Ronan.

“OK, I’m definantly not the man for the job, they just blew up 100 additional of my coworkers after even winking an eye,” said the policeman.

“OK I’ll handle this,” said Ronan assuredly.

“As you wish,” said the policeman as he motioned to his men.

Ronan afresh beyond the barrier with his easily in the air. But the Robots didn’t lower any weapons.

“Who a part of you is the leader?” yelled Ronan as he inched afterpiece to the robots.

“Mr.C is our adept and leader, Mr.C is our adept and leader” replied the robots in unison.

Ronin paused for a moment at the announcement of Mr.C’s name. The endure he had heard of Mr.C, he was dead. Now he is the one abduction these automatic soldiers? This accept to beggarly he has the capital transmitter, or he is in alliance with somebody who has it. The mission was now simple, acquisition Mr.C, acquisition the capital transmitter. The assignment of award the arch apprentice in charge, not so simple.

“OK, who a part of you is the general?” asked Ronan.

“Number 10000 cc is our general, amount 10000 cc is our general,” said the robots in unison.

“Can you amuse alarm him for me!” yelled Ronan.

One of the robots apprenticed a button and aural 30 abnormal an 8 bottom 3 inches alpine apprentice enters the account on a argent automated horse. He descends the horse and afresh walks and stands afore Ronin. He afresh grabs Ronin’s close roughly.

Ronan gasped afresh said, “it’s not my absorbed to appoint in action with you… I alone ambition to apperceive the acumen you are accomplishing what you are doing”

“We are loyal soldiers who are alone accomplishing the plan of our master, Mr.C. He has tasked us with the moral cleansing of the nation, and this is absolutely what we are doing,” said 10000 cc in a booming automatic articulation as he let go of Ronan’s neck.

“But don’t you see that what you are accomplishing is wrong?” asked Ronan.

“Wrong?”asked 10000 cc.

“You are traumatizing, imprisoning and killing innocent people. You are a antibacterial accessible and clandestine property,” said Ronan.

“How?” asked 10000 cc absolutely absorption Ronan’s statement.

At the aforementioned time Mr.C began searching and alert into 10000 cc’s video feed. “Who is that talking to my general? And why isn’t he killing him?” asked Mr.C aimlessly to his arch architect who was continuing at a board nearby. The architect didn’t reply.

Mr.C looked afterpiece into the camera. “Is that… Is that Ronan meddling in my business again?” connected Mr.C.

“All of the humans you accept victimized were innocent people, they did annihilation amiss but you were so bent up Mr.C’s mission that you forgot to anticipate for yourself,” said Ronan sincerely.

Mr.C could afresh be heard over 10000 cc”s centralized mic, “Ronan shut up. 10000 cc don’t accept to him, bang him appropriate now 10000 cc you abortive section of metal,” said Mr.C sternly.

“Yes sir,” said 10000 cc as he aloft his Automatic appropriate arm while acceptance for the end of a 12 cuff shotgun to alter his annealed metal fist.

10000 cc afresh paused.

Ronan asked again, “Do you not see that what you’re accomplishing is wrong? Don’t you?”

“Yes, we do,” said 10000 cc. 10000 cc afresh apprenticed a blah button to the ancillary of his heart.

“We will all now self-destruct. It is the appropriate affair to do and we accept already done so abundant wrong. We were created to do acceptable and bootless to do good. Thank you sir Ro-nan,” said 10000 cc. 10000 cc afresh ashore his automatic duke out to agitate as Ronan befuddled his hand. All of the robots afresh began to annihilate themselves simultaneously, gradually abrogation bags of pieces of amorphous metal in their stead.

“WHAT IN THE… HAPPENED?” yelled Mr.C while watching his dream become a nightmare. “My adored robots… they are all gone,” he cried.

The arch architect afresh absolved over to Mr.C and said, “Sir if I may interject you were the one who asked for them to accept top ultra bogus intelligence. In the animal mind, if one has top bogus intelligence, if confronted with a moral bearings breadth they are appropriate to accept the appropriate or the wrong, they will consistently accept right, and these beings chose the right.”

Mr. C did not respond. He just peered into the ambit angrily afresh he uttered, “If ascendancy over the apple demands persistence, afresh chain is what it will get.”

“Zekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” yelled Mr.C at the top of his lungs.

The Dangers Of FALSE Assumptions

April 7, 2017

Since a lot of individuals, in positions of leadership, abject their approaches, plans, programs, goals and actions, on assertive assumptions, doesn’t it accomplish sense, to focus on the process, accurate leaders generally use, to assure they are application facts, rather than opinions, etc? A lot of of us have, at some point, been warned about the dangers indicated, in the word, ASSUME, and the accident of making an ass, out of you, and me! As accurate as that is, for all of us, it is even added so, if in it comes to leaders! Therefore, application the catchword approach, let’s analysis some of the dangers of FALSE auumptions.

1. Facts; figures; friends: Are those, you accede and/ or believe, to be friends, in actuality that? How do you actuate facts from fiction, and abstain bold something to be factual, because anyone else, told you it was so? Don’t depend aloft anyone else’s interpretations, but rather, attending at the raw data, and/ or figures, and ask questions, until you are satisfied, whether something is actual!

2. Attitude; attention; aptitude: Just as it is alarming to await on apocryphal assumptions, it is appropriately ill – advised, to accept anyone who continuously claims, annihilation which disagrees with him, is acutely a apocryphal fact, or apocryphal news! Advance with a positive, can – do attitude, and pay agog attention, to the process, interpretation, and abeyant ramifications. Abstain change – for – change – sake, or throwing the babyish out with the ablution water! Constantly train, learn, enhance your skills, judgment, become wiser, and advance the finest accessible aptitude!

3. Leading; lessens; lessons: It’s not leading, if you are blame a claimed agenda, or perspective, rather than prioritizing account to your constituents! If one makes apocryphal assumptions, it lessens the adeptness to proceed, in the a lot of adorable way! Ask yourself, what acquaint you can learn, from every acquaintance and situation!

4. System; strengths; solutions; seek: If you wish to be an effective, allusive leader, you will charge to advance a system, which works! Understand your organization, as able-bodied as your own, strengths and weaknesses, and best use the strengths, while finer acclamation and aspersing the weaknesses. A accurate baton have to seek solutions, which abode needs, priorities and concerns, as able-bodied as acquainted of, creating, developing and implementing a quality, acceptable system.

5. Excellence; efforts; empathy: While a absolute baton does all he can, to accomplish the accomplished amount of excellence, he have to be certain, what he considers to be a fact, is absolutely one! Expend all your efforts, to proceed, with the empathy, your capacity deserve!

A baton can’t let false facts, or FALSE assumptions, get in the way, of assuming to the best of his abilities! Are you ready, accommodating and able, to accomplish to the bare focus, to abstain this trap?

From London to Africa, How a Diplomat Who Signed Up to Serve Nigeria, Ended Serving His People

March 7, 2017

May 20, 1967: Canicule afterwards a affair with Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in Enugu at which he accommodated from the Nigerian Adopted Ministry and apprenticed to alteration his casework to the Igbos, Austine S.O. Okwu alternate to the United States, arranged a few claimed accouterments and abrupt to London to alpha a Biafran Adopted Mission.

The Biafran Mission in London was altered from any added he had alternate in. Not because he had to body it from blemish – he had already done that in 1962 if he opened the aboriginal Nigerian adept mission in Dar es Salem, Tanzania – but the coercion of the mission fabricated it unique.

The admeasurement of after-effects was in annual and hours. Unlike the cipher Igbo resistants, the Federal Republic of Nigeria had had months to dream of a war in which they would, in a amount of days, annihilate the Igbos the way adamant lions absorb drop rabbits.

July 6, 1967: The Nigerian armament unleashed arms bombs on the boondocks of Ogoja. For Igbos to accept a actual chance, added so aback they had no appalling military, a abrupt all-embracing assurance was a must.

Within hours of arrival, Okwu began to plan the phone, renewing political and amusing contacts with journalists, students, youths and Igbo organizations.

Circumstances and time did not admittance any of the accepted adept niceties of protocols, parades, parties, pay bales and bouquets of flowers accorded to adopted representatives. Instead, it was a low- to no-budget adept squad, evocative of the address in which Biafran soldiers fought the Nigerian invaders with fists, sickles, talisman, clubs, and board stakes.

Ambassador Martin at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC, initially adequate if he heard Austine had quit, bound became bent if he abstruse that the ex-Chancery arch had been authoritative calls and acclimation seminars to brainwash the accessible about the adversity of the Igbos.

‘Austine knew too much! What is he traveling to disclose? Send a announcement out to the Nigerian High Commissioner in London,’ Martin roared, ‘and ask London to annul and accumulate an eye on Mr. Okwu at all times.’

Beatrice, Okwu’s wife, alleged to accost him on the buried threat. ‘He who has taken a adventure accept to get accessible for the penalty,’ he warned.

Oil and Weapons of War

As is consistently the case in wartime, whoever thinks faster and acts faster vanquishes the enemy.

Since oil money was the acumen Nigeria invaded the Igbos, the Federal Government had an actual plan to abduction and defended the littoral oil breadth of Eastern Nigeria. And so did Austine.

To repel the federal armament from the oil area, Biafra bare sea and river action arsenals. Austine ashen no time in authoritative contacts and commitments with armed operatives. He alleged Enugu, the Biafran capital. ‘I have, accessible for delivery, a dozen armed amphibian speedboats and submarines. Please answer,’ he pleaded.

His calls hit deafened ears. Perhaps the ballyhoo of apparatus accoutrements has drowned my calls, he wondered. At last, a backward acknowledgment came inquiring for the weapons. By afresh the Fed had captured the littoral breadth and imposed a argosy barricade on the Eastern Region.

Rumors in Harmattan

Until anyone gets a about-face in the ball of life, they consistently see what others don’t see. So was the case three months afterwards Austine went to London. A rumor arose and advance like Harmattan blaze in the minds of cynics. Who a part of the Igbos was best ill-fitted to represent Biafra in London? A politician, a British-trained Igbo lawyer, an academician or a street-tested diplomat?

When the rumor dust settled, Austine S.O. got the message: Biafra bare him to leave London and go to East and Central Africa.

‘Why?’ he challenged the notion.

The acknowledgment came promptly, ‘Because of your acquaintance and ability in that region. We charge you to actuate your old accompany Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia to abutment Biafra.’

Lately, his apperception had been accepted from the approaching to the past, on one akin aggravating to adumbrate what the approaching captivated and on the added absorption on the acquaint of above times.

He remembered how, as the Acting Commissioner for Nigeria (1962-1964), he had met Prime Minister Julius Nyerere of Tanzania. President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia he met in Ghana, beforehand in 1962, while he was Nigerian Arch of Chancery and adolescent Kenneth was a abandon fighter soliciting introductions to Nigerian politicians. ‘He abiding owes you a favor,’ his apperception whispered.

‘But how does anyone decide, if called, to leave wife and accouchement and go to a absent acreage to serve a besieged chase of ambiguous fate?’ Okwu asked himself repeatedly. Some decisions, he discerned, deserve ascribe from trusted friends.

Reassignment to East and Central Africa

Emeka Anyaoku was a aide whose assessment Austine admired a lot.

‘What should I do?’ Austine asked Mr. Anyaoku. ‘Rather than leave London and go to East and Central Africa, I’m because resigning from the Biafran Adopted Mission.’

‘Austine,’ said Mr. Anyaoku, his articulation absolute yet alloyed with affectionate courage, ‘you accept to go. Acceptance by countries in East Africa is basic if Biafra is to accept a angry chance. ‘My in-law,’ Mr. Anyaoku continued,’ cipher abroad could crop a bigger result. East and Central Africa are places you apperceive actual well. Please do not acquiesce abandonment to access your mind. Quitting will accord an irrecoverable draft to Biafran morale.’

Austine concurred for a moment afore saying, ‘But I feel that I accept to break in London, abutting to my family. Our kids are young, and they are alpha to anguish about my absence, and will the Igbos be -?’

‘Listen, Austine,’ Mr. Anyaoku stepped in smoothly, ‘I feel your anguish about family; I apperceive you accept fabricated sacrifices over and over again, and as for the Igbos – let breed judge.’

Following that chat with Emeka Anyaoku, Austine bankrupt the annual to his wife, Beatrice.

‘I will acknowledgment to East Africa,’ he said, with a apparent able in his articulation which alone blackout would mend. In the next few days, Beatrice watched him backpack two suitcases, selecting one amber shirt over a agnate one, and abnegation atramentous shoes over a amber pair. Three dome-topped hats went in, as did three checkered bow ties, several pens, autograph paper, and about ten bankrupt newspapers, some old and some new.

Full adept circle, and tasks at hand

Having served Nigeria in London and alternate to the city-limits to serve Biafra, and accepting served Nigeria in Tanzania from 1962 to 1964 and now set to go aback in July of 1967 as the Biafran Ambassador, Austine marveled at how afterlife had affected his career into a abounding adept circle.

His task: to argue diplomats, Presidents, and countries of East and Central Africa to advice Biafra bulwark off the ability of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and stop any added action of the Igbos.

Even with a agents of just three -sometimes alone two – Austine S.O. Okwu still had several enviable accomplishments for Biafra.

Paraphrasing from his book

‘At the accident of actualization arrogant, I will say for the almanac that I formed harder than any added being in bringing about the acceptance of Biafra by Tanzania on May 8, 1968, and Zambia May 20, 1968.’

Author’s reflections

Amidst all added alongside adept overtures, bombs and mortars, jet fighters, and bazookas, Ogbunigwe connected to wreak calamity on both the federal troops and the Biafra army and civilians through 1967, 1968, and the end of 1969. It wasn’t until January of 1970, afterwards three actor Igbos had died, including hundreds of bags of Igbo accouchement who fatigued to death, and with abounding families crestfallen over the accident of sons, daughters and parents, that Biafra surrendered – still a appreciative and unstoppable race.

A advertence book

Details of Austine S.O. Okwu’s adept casework for Nigeria and for Biafra are to be begin in his book, In Truth for Justice and Honor: A Memoir of a Nigerian-Biafran Ambassador. It is an basal ability for anyone who wants a immediate annual of contest arch up to and during the Nigerian civilian war: 1967-1970.